Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thirty One at Thirty One

I have made it a personal credo to find things to celebrate everyday, but July is my birthday month and I plead guilty to selfish desires of celebrating more of myself everyday this month. I have unraveled so many gifts in the last year and I don't ever want to slip into complacency and begin taking any of these gifts for granted. The older I get, it seems the more I am grateful for the gift of perception, that which makes us feel and see the beauty amidst the chaos, the calm despite the noise. I pray that I keep alive this sense of aliveness. I want to stare at the endless blue sky or the stars at night and always feel like it's the first time and the last simultaneously. I want to be overwhelmed with things you cannot describe everytime you hear a child giggle. I want to ricochet with joy and dance whenever I feel like it. Will these things go away ten years from now, I wonder?

Artown opened today and it was so fun being outside, listening to eclectic, borderline kitschy music at Wingfield Park. It was a sight to behold such shiny happy people basking in the summer sun, sitting on the grass and lost in their own happy places.

I cannot rave enough about Artown, this month-long celebration of art, culture, and music in Reno ( The Reno Pops Orchestra is performing at Bartley Ranch this weekend and Soljibe will be at the UNR Quad next
week for Watermelon Wednesdays. I have front row seats to see Reno Chamber Orchestra perform Cirque de la Symphonie mid-July. I believe there is a single painting Picasso exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art all month. I might miss the Sierra Nevada Ballet since I will be in Las Vegas the weekend they are performing, but I'm hoping they have other shows this month. I have always wanted to go to the Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor in Tahoe and I think I will finally get to go this season! In between, I am hosting an uber early birthday party with my family and maybe a bbq with friends. To end the month, I will be going to a cousin's wedding and maybe, get to go to the Wanderlust Festival for a day.

I'm making this month mine and I don't see how everyone can't do the same! Oh thirty one, I'm looking forward to you!

Love, Love, and more Summer Love,

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