Monday, April 1, 2013

My Garden is Getting a Raise (A Review of the Raised Bed Kit by Greenland Gardener)

With last summer’s container garden falling a little bit short of a disaster, I’ve evaluated my gardening options for this season.  If you care to read about that melodrama and haven't yet, check my previous posts here.

After scouring the web for raised bed garden kits that are easy to put together, will outlast a few growing seasons, and will not break the bank, I came across Greenland Gardener’s Raised Bed Garden Kit.  For $29 for a 4’x4’-ish raised bed garden, this kit scores uber high in the cost efficiency department. 

Think about this:
A 4’x4’-ish gardening space = 14 square feet
$30 for 14 square feet = $2.14 per square foot

It might not make sense to you if you have not grown food before, but do you realize what you can grow in ONE square foot?

Per this proven gardening methodology called Square Foot Gardening, here’s a sample of what you can plant in ONE square foot:

  • 9 green bean plants
  • 2 cucumber plants
  • 1 tomato plant
  • 4 strawberries
  • 16 radishes
  • 1 pepper plant
  • 9 spinach
  • 4 basil plans
  • 16 carrots
  • 9 garlic bulbs
If you don’t think that’s RAD, well, you must be pretty hard to please. :)  

Half full and calling it a day
Rabbit-proofing the bottom
I am absolutely happy with the Greenland Gardener Raised Bed Kit because it was so easy to put together.  Assembly was a no-brainer and the whole thing snaps together single-handedly in minutes - without tools.  I have a more complex growing environment that includes rabbits and high desert dry conditions, so there were a few other things I needed to do that took quite a while.

But consider this:  I was able to (almost) singlehandedly rabbit-proof the bottom, half-fill the bed, AND level the bed despite the following circumstances:
  • It was Easter Sunday and I managed to squeeze in this task it in between cooking AND preparing for a brunch for six AND dinner for sixteen people
  • Oh, I also did a quick geocache and some shopping in between
  • I’ve never used a staple gun in my life before
  • I’m a chick.  (But a rad one!)
    Read on for my review of this raised bed garden kit...

    A Review of the 42”x42”x8” Raised Bed Kit by Greenland Gardener
    I give this product…

    Loads and loads of sunshine and sunbeams for an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy assembly.  It makes gardening so accessible!
    What’s in the Box?
    Raised bed kit with 4 composite panels and 4 corners.  Assembles in minutes.  Literally.
    Retail Price:
    $48 at their website
    But check your local Home Depot.  I’ve seen it go for $29.
    Ideal For:
    Anyone who has 42”x42” of outdoor growing space.  I’m using it in my suburban backyard.
    Loving it For:
    … Did I say easy assembly yet?
    …The affordability
    …It’s made of recycled wood and plastic.  BONUS points!
    … Since it’s made of composite materials, it won’t rot or corrode like natural wood
    … It is made in the USA. 
    But I wish…
    ... that the size was 48"x48" instead of 42"x42".  My plan is to have a 16 square foot garden but with this rather awkward size, I'm reduced to 12 full squares and 4 half ones.  I'll improvise and I'll get over it, but I wish I didn't have to.
    … they had rabbit-proofing kits since I don’t yet have the luxury of time to build one myself
    … same goes for a trellis kit of sorts for vining plants
    Do I recommend this Product?
    Without question!

    And today, I filled the bed half with Full Circle Compost Garden Soil, half with Full Circle Compost Potting Soil (more on that experiment later).  I was not planning on transplanting some babies yet, but I could not resist!  These are Winterbor Kales that are supposedly super hardy so I hope I don't kill them since I have not been so diligent with hardening them off.

    And since my bunny fence is far from ready, I put these tomato stakes and wrapped landscape fabric around it to keep the cottontails at bay for now.

    Oh Spring!  I love it that you're here already!

    P.S.  Read all my Gardening posts here!

    Disclosure:  This post is a statement of independent opinion.  While I was sent the product to review as a sample, I did not receive any compensation from Greenland Gardener. 


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