Saturday, July 10, 2010

Biophilia Overdose

July 4th is a celebration of America and to someone like me who is not even American (yet), it is a celebration of democracy and the liberty to do whatever the heck you want. It is the celebration of possibilities. America has been good to me. America has given me access to so many things that would have been impossible elsewhere. America afforded me with the environment and culture to experiment, explore and experience. I have made a relationship with my gnostic self here and for that and more, I thank Uncle Sam. A silent prayer of gratitude also goes out to everyone who has helped me get to where I am today.

When I think about America, I don’t think about the glitz and glamour of Manhattan or Hollywood. I’m kind of already over that. The imagery that comes to mind is people picnicking on green, green grass, adults who forget that themselves and the roles they play in "real" life and just start dancing around barefoot while their children playfully tumble down grassy hills. This is perhaps one of the things I have longed for but never got to do in the urban metropolis that is Manila.

Trail to Zephyr Cove, So. Lake Tahoe

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that bring us the most heartfelt joy. In a book by Eric Weiner called “Geography of Bliss”, I was first introduced to the concept of biophilia which is the euphoric feeling one gets from being around nature. It's the love for all things living. Some say that on a molecular level, we are all part of everyone else and everything else, thus when we are out in the woods or on a beautiful island, we are actually in complete revelry of that part in us which once was part of the grandeur of Mother Nature. I dosed up on this all July 4th weekend and I could not have imagined a fuller, richer way to spend a summer weekend with good friends.

If this isn't euphoria, I don't know what is..

The Reno Philharmonic Orchestra at Bartley Ranch

Yuba River, California
My first baseball game! Can't get more American than this!

Thomas Creek Trail

A week later after the 4th weekend, I sit here at home, not entirely out of my own will. In fact, I had brilliant plans of continuing this roll beginning with frisbee this morning and more Artown tonight. But sometimes, a force larger and stronger than us reasserts itself and reminds us who is really in control. On my way to a lunch date with a friend yesterday, I was sitting in my car at a stop when all of a sudden this huge jolt from the back threw my head and body forward and then back.

F. I was rear-ended.

The damage to my car was minor and the fact that I could shrug it off makes me realize how much of myself is detached from this one material possession. It will just be an inconvenience to have to take it to the dealership and get an estimate of how much it would cost to have it fixed. I’m more bothered by the pain in my neck and heaviness in my head after the accident. I took myself to Urgent Care just to rule out the possibility of any permanent injuries. Thankfully, the PA doesn’t think it’s skeletal at all, so x-rays are unnecessary. The downside is I will be sore for a good few days and I will be forced to slow down. No frisbee, no running, no Yoga, no strenuous physical activity. Instead I get to stay home to to take care of boring household stuff that take up hours (i.e. getting car insurance rate quotes, mopping floors, etc.). But one beautiful thing is I get to plant my lavenders in the ground today, so I can still get my Vitamin D on.

Sigh. This weekend will be a good test of how I can let go of those reins I didn't realize I have been clutching on to.


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  1. whoa! i hope you'll feel better soon!take it easy!