Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Photo Diary: San Francisco

San Francisco is one of my absolutely favorite cities to visit.  Although the weather is notorious to get iffy, it seems like we get buckets and buckets of sunshine when we go.

It was San Francisco, so it was inevitable to have (lots of) great coffee (Sightglass and Blue Bottle) and outstanding food (Slanted Door, Bar Agricole, and The Plant Cafe).  We also happened to be there during Fleet Week and because I was with two Dutch guys, time had to be devoted to that.  But also because I was with two Dutch guys, there had to be many moments of side-splitting laughter.

There were other touristy stuff (i.e, Alcatraz, but it was surprisingly very evocative, thanks to an Ai Wei Wei exhibit... but that's another post altogether).  And then there was riding bicycles along Embarcadero (I told you - I was with two Dutch guys), making too much noise with our bells unnecessarily, then somehow eventually laying on the grass, shoes unlaced and off, and soaking up the beautiful weather and well, life in general.  San Francisco style.     

Sightglass Coffee | 270 7th St.  Also 3014 20th
Blue Bottle Coffee |  Ferry Market Building
Bar Agricole | 355 11th.  Don't miss happy hour.  Excuse the scowling female servers. 
Plant Cafe Organic | Pier 3 (Embarcadero).  Duck confit and/or fig and arugula pizza.. Yes, PLEASE.
Out the Door (French-Vietnamese Slanted Door's hardworking sibling) | Ferry Market Building

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