Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Kitchen is Getting a Makeover!

In the midst of all the traveling we have been doing lately, we are up to our eyeballs with a kitchen remodel also.  Can you believe our gumption?  It's been quite the adventure imagineering our kitchen that reflects our style, cooking, and personality - and to actually build it day to day.  With cutbacks here and there to draw the line between frivolous and realistic, many weekends spent in tile and stone warehouses, return trip after return trip to Home Depot, we are finally almost there.  Thanks to The Dutch, his Dutch BFF (yes, we had an import!), and our all-around handyman, we were able to DIY most of the way.  We decided on a tile backsplash yesterday and that is going in next weekend, cross fingers.  We have been cooking from a camping stove for two weeks now, so hopefully, by the end of the week, we would actually have a working one.

Here is a little hint of our redesigned kitchen!

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