Friday, October 24, 2014

Photo Diary: Paris

I've had the providence to travel to Paris three years in a row, thanks to The Dutch.  It's been a long-standing dream of mine to go to Paris and to have been able to go every year has been surreal.  It goes without saying that J'adore Paris.  It is a strikingly beautiful city.  Truly. 

I only had a weekend in Paris this time around, but no matter.  I was able to get to know the city a bit more intimately.  That means I did't even get the chance to step foot in any tourist attraction (not counting Montmartre).  We've stayed in the Le Marias in the 3rd arrondissement (whereas we've always stayed in the 18th) and I must say it's my new favorite neighborhood in Paris because of its central location and the multitude of markets and cafes all around.  I've also had the chance to explore the 5th via Paris Walks, and thanks to my Brazilian-turned-Parisian friend who I see once a year, the 10th where we ate pastries on the banks of Canal Saint Martin one afternoon, just like true Parisians!

We also met some incredibly wonderful Parisians while hanging out at Gregory Marchand's Frenchie (we tend to follow Jamie Oliver and his alumni around, when we get the chance) on Rue de Nil which led to a long evening of French wine and laughter.  The Americans and French supposedly have a sincere dislike for each other (or so I keep hearing), but everything I have heard about how hostile and prudish French people are so far, I have not seen for myself.  I think I just might be lucky, but I refuse to believe that the French are insufferable.  I refuse! 

Here's some eye candy to start off the weekend - mon Paris!  And as always, I cannot wait to return.     

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