Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gardening in Raised Beds and Self-Water Containers

It's amazing how in such a small space, I could grow an inordinate amount of food.  Because I live in the high desert, it's almost imperative to use either raised beds or containers for gardening because our soil is predominantly clay, the type not suitable for gardening.

My garden set up right now is one 48" x 48" raised bed by Greenland Gardener and two self-watering planters.  I love the raised bed because of the sheer volume of food I yield from such a small space.  This Greenland Gardener bed is on its second year and despite the extreme temperatures here in the desert (including snow and deep freezes in December), it is holding up very well.  I wrote a review of this raised bed last season which you can find here.

See this small raised bed?

This is its realized potential...  It bursts with color and FOOD!

On the other hand, I also love the self-watering containers because here in the desert, it can get very frustrating knowing the right amount of watering required by your plants.  Self-watering containers, as its name suggests, regulates soil moisture by itself.  You just need to make sure the reservoir at the bottom is always full.  Self-watering containers when done right, could yield high volumes, although you can't plant too much on them since they tend to be small.  They also run expensive so when I see one on sale, I grab it!  Shown below is a City Pickers container I grabbed on sale and here's a review I wrote of the Grow Box.

This jalapeno plant on the City Pickers container kept growing and growing and producing and producing.  It was also the hottest jalapenos I've ever had and to be honest, I ended up giving away most of them because they were fatally hot.  

The other container had a melange of herbs, and in the spring, some lettuce that supplied us with salads all season-long.

I have not added any more beds or containers this year.  I can't wait to find out what this year would yield!

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