Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to Start an Edible Garden

The east and midwest have been hammered by snowstorm after snowstorm this winter, it seems like.  Meanwhile, in the high sierras of Northern Nevada, we've had a lackluster winter.  Spare for a couple significant storms I could count with one hand, we've pretty much had spring since December.  For folks who've invested in a ski season pass such as myself, that is just not thrilling.  That means less than stellar ROI.

On the upside, spring is here early and to an edible gardener like myself, that means I can start growing food again! Lemons, lemonade, right?

I'm giddy for this growing season especially since last year was so successful!  And you must know that I live in the high desert where there is a lot of things working against me.  But my garden was so abundant the entire growing season I also keep some of my co-workers supplied with a little bit of my organic produce grown from one raised bed and two small self-watering containers.  

If you have thought about growing your garden, the season is NOW!  The big question I get from people is always, "HOW?"  Here's a cheat sheet that I made that simplifies how you can start growing your own edible garden. 

I care about food and I encourage everyone to grow their own.  If you have some growing questions, post below and I could try to help.

Happy Spring and let's get growing!  

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