Monday, August 8, 2011

Window Seat

Growing basil might not totally be futile for an unsuccessful basil grower wannabe like me after all. After a cleaning frenzy yesterday, I moved some indoor plants around and managed to reassign these little house plants, including a little "organic hydroponic" basil, to a window seat. I guess a seat upgrade was all it needed because it looked beautiful today! This totally makes up for the the half dozen or so basil plants I have already killed (not because of neglect!).

Speaking of window seats, I'm stoked to be traveling again. Work has been sending me places lately, but in a few weeks, I will find myself in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, with my family. Wooohoooo!!! I have not been to the east coast in a while, so this will be amazing. The trip will conclude in New York City for a few days with The Dutch. Well, ain't life sweet!

And yes, I do have window seats.

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