Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thrity-Freaking-Two… And Counting (Blessings)…

The birthday month was stuffed with so much good stuff, it will be an understatement to say that I have not had time to pause, relive, and write about it.

As a result, I again have been invoking slowing things down a little bit, even for just a couple of days at a time, to preserve that fragile spot of independent wholeness (and wildness!). In my waking moments of quietness, the prayer that I utter is one of gratefulness for the kindness and warmth of the loving people around me, for the lessons I am ceaselessly being taught every single day, and just overall, for the sun that still rises and sets regardless. Bottom line is I am grateful for life and for being alive.

The prelude to thirty-two was pretty quiet, and somber. I’ve been through some crazy years, some lost years, then came the found years, but I don’t remember having gone through a stable, quietly happy like this one is promising to be. I feel like I know myself more than I ever have before, and the most profound thing is that I accept and love that self. I have no urges to jump off towers or planes – that desire has passed. Come to think of it, other than the occasional travel (sigh.. Europe, Nepal and Dharamsala have still not happened – but Quebec and Hawaii will in the immediate future), I really have no burning desires to go crazy. I am in a very sweet spot where I am not out to prove anything or to find anything. And I will say this in the humblest way possible, but everything I need in my life (non-material, for the most part), I pretty much have right now.

What a gift...


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