Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gyrations.. Day #3

Today, I'm grateful for:
  • A stranger named Jerome who made my day by making a sweet exception for me
  • My siblings. They are wonderful, wonderful people who I miss and cannot wait to see when I visit in three weeks
  • Clarity and the bravery to listen to instinct. I suck at this as much as saying "no", but I am learning that there really is no better compass than your inner knowingness.
  • Friends, here, there and everywhere!
  • A warm home that keeps me safe from the brutality of winter
  • Being alive. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the materiality of the world that we forget how frail human life is and how important it is not to lose sight of what really matters. At the end of it all, none of your possessions will matter. The material objects provide frivolity and entertainment and even I need to be dumped with a bucketful of cold water over my head every once in a while to wake up.

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