Friday, February 6, 2015

Photo Diary: San Francisco: Chinatown, Locanda, Etc.

Happy February!

Time's a-flying lately.  Or am I just the one lagging?

Over the next few days, I'll be catching up on some terribly tardy posts, beginning with some photos of San Francisco where we spent New Years.  I've said this multiple times in this blog - I love San Francisco.  There's always pockets of this dynamic city always left to be discovered!

Digs:  Intercontinental Mark Hopkins
I never really gave Chinatown much of a second glance outside of dim sum houses.  With an SLR with a new lens that I got for Christmas (yay!), however, a colorful, vibrant, intriguing neighborhood is revealed.  We also stepped into an authentic free tea tasting.  If only to learn about the nuances of Chinese tea while caffeinating, you must go!

Grandview Park
This is what happens sometimes when one wanders around without an itinerary: one surreptitiously runs into discoveries!  The views of city from up here were nothing short of grand.  From up here, one could appreciate the organized grid that San Francisco is.  On a clear, bright day, one could see all the way across town! 
I've been wanting to come to this restaurant in the Mission for the longest time.  We were able to get a reservation and thus, our first amazing meal of 2015 finally happened at this Italian restaurant.  The food was spectacular.  It took me and The Dutch back to our Italian holiday in May.  And because of that astounding glass of Barolo, we just might find ourselves back in Italia this year!

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