Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cappuccino Snobs: Four Barrel, San Francisco, CA

I love hanging out at cafes when I'm traveling.  I feel part of the local grind when I sit with my coffee and newspaper, unhurried, as though I don't have sightseeing plans.  And the honest truth is these places offer a delightful space to congregate for either strangers or friends.  The aesthetics are bespoke (always!).  The music always encourages good vibes.  The people are passionate perfectionists of love in a cup, ergo, the coffee is always impeccable!

It's hard not to compare Four Barrel to the other coffee powerhouse of San Francisco, Sightglass.  But I love the roasts of Four Barrel more.  And the temperature of the coffee is perfect.  And the cups are gorgeous.  Sorry, Sightglass.  I think I just traded loyalties.


Four Barrel is located at 375 Valencia, San Francisco, CA.  Their coffee is also served at The Mill  on 736 Divisadero.  

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