Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We are literally skipping Thanksgiving this year.  It's the Thanksgiving that we'll spend in a void, but I wanted to speak about the gratitude that is overwhelming today!  My wanderlust dreams are coming alive year after year.  The economy here in America is no longer on life support, it seems like.  That means a firmer sense of stability.  Thus, our kitchen remodel designed by me (reveal coming soon).  The job is doing well.  Everyone in the family is in good health.  And The Dutch...  This week has been particularly stressful with a BIG trip coming up and all, but the great man he is, he calmed everything down.  Effortlessly.

If you ever have the compulsion to sneak out to the mall tomorrow or on Black Friday, please pause and think if you really need anything.  The essence of Thanksgiving is gratitude for the things you already have - family and friends.  Remember that you cannot find that at Walmart, no matter how hard you try.  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  

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