Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years.

It is indeed a great day, a great victory.  I didn't labor as much as others, but I did whatever little I can.  The real heroes are the boots on the ground, many of whom are fired up volunteers from neighboring state California who sacrificed days, weekends, weeks, months, knocking on doors, calling people relentlessly.  They drove and carpooled, not minding if they end up in shady neighborhoods in Reno and Sun Valley, just to get out the vote.  The democrats of Nevada thank you.

Earlier today, even in the final hours of the critical elections, I witnessed tireless volunteers still knocking on doors, calling numbers, hoping for that extremely slim chance, to maybe, just maybe, talk to even one, two, three people that we can shuttle off to the closest polling station.  Your energy and passion were truly inspiring.

At the post-election rally, a lady came up to me and told me that they found one guy at a bus stop -waiting for the bus to take him to the polls.  It turns out, he was a first-time voter.  They picked him up and drove him to his polling station to vote.

This is an amazing exhibition of teamwork and unified goal.  It is fascinating to watch and it was an honor to be part of it.

To the volunteers from California, thank you for all your hard work.  In an important swing state like Nevada, you have made our shared vision of America possible.  Bill, Darla, Joanna, Ken and the rest of your kind from the Golden State, you guys rock.  Thank you.  

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