Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trend Watch: Nesting

As it turns out, I'm not the only one.

This dove has been nesting on our fireplace vent for a couple of weeks now, perhaps simultaneous to my own urges of spending time at home and making rapid, not so subtle interior changes. What is ironic is that when it was freezing cold outside, I found myself outdoors more. The minute it started getting warm, I retreated indoors. This is insanity! (To alleviate my guilt a little bit, this afternoon, I rode my bicycle to the grocery store and back which took at least an hour).

I am happy to come from a family that has a natural affinity with sewing. My Grandma and my Aunt Teresa (who both have passed within months of each other recently), my Mom and sister, all have been inclined to some type and level of sewing. I have often dreamed that I would make my own clothes someday, but that has somehow been overshadowed by more practical things. The only things I have made with my sewing machine so far has been a yoga mat bag and some placemats.

What was great today was that I was able to appreciate being at home with messy hair and the same clothes I woke up in, doing something I really enjoyed. The sun along with the incessant chirping of birds streamed from outside through the open windows. The noise of the washing machine mingled with the rattling noise of the sewing machine. Who needs music?

I tossed in the sponge moments ago with my project half-finished. I was rusty with the sewing, at best, and it was revealed in the stitches on my new burlap runner that I'm not a pro, but it was something I made myself and that in itself is worth more than anything you can buy at Potter Barn.

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