Monday, April 30, 2012

Life Number Two

I think I have looked at enough farmhouse tables online to last me a few lifetimes. I halted my sewing frenzy yesterday because I noticed that the table we bought last weekend had a little crack on one end. I heard a few loud popping noises later and although I could be completely off, I suspect it's the table.

Eh. Lemons. Lemonades.

Which is just as well because in my hunt for a potential yet similar replacement, I ran into a wonderful concept about dining furniture, farmhouse-style dining tables in particular. There's a breed that is made of recycled, reclaimed wood.

OMG. I am struck with love.

I wonder why I never stumbled into it before?

Modern Rust crafts furniture from torn down barns. Unlike the big commercial outfits (ehem, Pottery Barn), Modern Rust does not mark up their products thrice (or more). Each piece is carefully crafted, built from materials that would have gone to a landfill. And did I mention they do all this amazingness and yet still manage to sell their furniture at a fair price? Why is this stuff not sold at Whole Foods or something? (Oh right. Because they are against triple markups!)

So here's what I am loving...

Photo credit: Modern Rust

The small problem is logistics. Modern Rust is out in the East Coast and since they're teeny, there's a lot of hoop-jumping to do to deliver to the other side of the country. Also, it nags at me that the diminished global footprint from buying recycled furniture will be negated by the massive fuel requirement to load this pretty baby on a truck. However, I tell myself that at least this is originating from the same country as opposed to from another continent, so I think I'm still in the black.

My other option is having someone handcraft a similar table locally. I have found someone on Craigslist today and he just so happened to also use reclaimed wood. So here's to hoping that the Dutch takes me seriously with this I-found-a-woodcrafter-locally-on-Craigslist-but-he-can't-take-phone-calls-because-he's-hard-of-hearing idea, and that table number two on its life number two makes it to the house somehow and somewhat soon because I have some sewing left to finish!

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