Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling It

I was beside myself this afternoon. I showed up at salsa class at 6:45, proud of myself that I was early. Well, the class was at 6:00. For some reason, I thought it was at 7. You would think that at my third lesson, I would have gotten that one dialed in, but like I said, I was very distracted this afternoon.

I needed to be around love tonight and the Universe will promptly oblige to provide us with ample opportunities for it if we ask. Sipping tea with beautiful, radiant women who are first souls before they are women before they are yogis on a chilly night is exactly what my being was clamoring for. I am notoriously and fiercely independent, but tonight, I needed this...

Dearest Fiana and Kim,

Let my soul travel with you. Let me speak the foreign tongues you know. Take what you can of me to your tents, your villages, your conversations. When your mouths drop in sheer wonder at the sight of the Ganges and the Amazon, I will be there soaking in your bliss with you. I am here now witnessing the beauty of your life and how much more beauty that is about to become part of you, to become YOU, inevitably. In the full moon, I will be there when you fall in love just as you fervently wished.

With all the love your heart can possibly hold,


P.S. On a less somber note, I had a great time catching up with The Italian yesterday. I came home humbled and privileged that people let me in the intimate details of their lives quite easily. I have started to take this gift for granted, but I am reminded yesterday, and tonight again by my Yogi tea, that it is a great honor to have VIP access to people's lives.... I have a ton to be grateful for...

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