Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy New Year!

First of all, let me be the last to greet you a Happy New Year!
It's always a good thing to be behind on this blogging business because that means I've been too busy living life that documenting it takes the back seat.  It seems like I’ve crawled under a rock after the holidays, but the reality is I have been willingly buried under an infinite stream of spreadsheets at work. 

New years (and birthdays) are always events of self reflection for me, as it is for many people. Allow me to share what I've been mulling over the first two weeks of 2015.

1.  I am only measured against myself, and not somebody else’s impression of myself.   

2.  It is a known fact that mojos are a transient thing. They come and go all the time. And although the case is no different for me, my practice is for it to linger as long as it possibly could.  And for that to happen, I learned that one must allow an environment in your life for mojo to thrive, and should you lose it for short periods of time, one should have enough space that allows the return of that beautiful, inspired self quick and often. 

3.  Unhappy people are usually the bored ones.  I’m not saying overcompensate by spreading yourself too thin on a million different hobbies.  But instead, hone a couple latent or dormant ones.  For me, this means taking better photos (which I’ve already taken the major leap to accomplishing) and being better at a third language.  It’s still a toss up between Spanish and French, but my planned trips for the year make French the more obvious choice.  And yeah, well, being stronger and faster at climbing steep hills on a mountain bike.  

The new year is also that nascent time for one of my most publicized passions of all time: Travel.  It’s the time I look forward to which uncharted territory (in my terms), I will be venturing off to.  The sights are already set on some destinations with some serious altitude and as soon as I unbury myself from the aforementioned spreadsheet situation, my head will literally (and I’m sure, figuratively) be above the clouds

The Dutch and I have rattled off the highlights of our 2014 in a conversation on NYE.  Not many people know this, and despite all the beautiful places I’ve traveled to last year, including a dream road trip in Italy, the best part of my year was my short and sweet visit to the Philippines.  Nothing absolutely compares to quality time spent with family and friends who have known me all my life and who love me regardless.  I never ever have to throw a pitch to sell myself.  I don’t have to compete.  I come home and I could just be.  I have seen many people come and go in my life, some more heartbreaking than most, but being back in my roots, I feel that I have profoundly circumnavigated all the character building stuff the last four years and I’ve banished away any thoughts that I should be a forever recluse.  A total, unequivocal,indubitable full circle, ladies and gentlemen. 

So to all my family and great friends from Manila that I go way back with, if you did not know yet, I am grateful for you.  Thank you for creating space for me while I was home.  My heart swells with my love for you.  You are irreplaceable in my books. 

Happy New Year!

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