Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Postcards from Rome: Roma in Broad Daylight

But of course, there is poetry in Roma during the day as well.  I love taking photos of everyday scenes from Rome.  The walls were either the color of terracotta or brick, but none of it was dull or lifeless.  Quite the contrary, actually, because its conspicuous age actually exudes a sense of important history and not decay.  Everything my eyes rested on was old, yet beautifully kept or restored.

If anything, Rome has taught me about aging with grace.  Flaunt the peeling plaster, let the fading paint fade.  The Eternal City has nothing left to prove.

And here is the little tucked away street that was our neighborhood for a few days.  It is minutes on foot to the Pantheon yet, as you can tell, it is a very quiet street where Romans actually live.

And here's a pop-up market just around the corner where the locals shop for fresh produce.  
Rome was and will perhaps be an eternally happy place for me.  If I am granted the good fortune of returning, I would like to spend time Trastevere.  Have you been to Trastevere?  How does it compare to Rome across the river?  

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