Thursday, February 27, 2014

Postcards from Puerto Rico: El Yunque National Forest

You know you're in a rainforest when not even a minute after you've stepped off the car and it starts pelting big, plump, fast raindrops the size of tennis balls.  "I think we made it to the rainforest!" The Dutch yelled as we dashed to the tower for cover.  

"No kidding," I thought to myself.  

The rain pummeled on for about five minutes more and stopped as abruptly as it came.  The clouds rolled away but not without a promise of a quick return.  

We were in El Yunque National Park on the eastern part of Puerto Rico.  It is the only tropical rainforest in all of the United States and having never been in one myself, it was a non-negotiable.  We hiked around the jungle-like terrain and with all the thick tropical forest around, I was surprised, if not a little disappointed, that the trails were all paved.  It was tough for hiking shoes to grip concrete, but I suppose it was better than sloshing around in mud.  We climbed up steps of two towers on top of mountains facing each other and hiked around countless waterfalls. 

Do you see what makes this picture so funny?

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