Saturday, September 21, 2013

Postcards from Holland: Airborne

Europe is so entrenched in World War II history - good, bad, or indifferent.  The weekend we were in eastern Holland in a place called Ginkel Heath, they happened to be commemorating a World War II event called Operation Market-Garden where British and American paratroopers were sent on an airborne mission to strengthen the Allies' defense against Germany.  I was told that on this particular spot, as some of the paratroopers were parachuting down, they were ambushed by the Germans.

We caught the tail-end of the parachute drops, but there are some really good photographs on this website.

It was nice to see all the American flags waving around and The Dutch always tells me his country has a high regard for America because of its role in ending the horrid war, and in an event like this, it really is apparent.  America doesn't have everything right.  It is not a perfect country, especially in a time when politics divide our nation that we shut down the federal government.  But in its defense, America is an advocate of liberty and democracy and that is something I can be proud of. 

That Monday, we will find ourselves in Berlin.  The history education continues.

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