Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Postcards from Berlin: Mashup

I so want to be head over heels Berlin.  The Dutch, every chance he gets, tries to convince me that everyone - EVERYONE - loves Berlin.  Maybe I just needed to spend more time here, perhaps when the sun is dazzling and all the Berliners are glowing and laughing.  Out loud.  Each one of them.  Maybe I need to stay away from the Cold War side of it and go to wherever The Dutch says the happy, young, vibrant locals congregate.

Berlin is not like any place I have ever been.  It doesn't remind me of any other city.  Which is great because that means I'm expanding.  For sure, next time, I will try to learn a little bit of German, if only to ask for directions and understand them.  Or study the U-Bahn and S-Bahn metro systems beforehand.  I remember looking hopelessly lost at the train station studying a map not so furtively when this kind old lady approached me and offered help.  She spoke not a word of English and I spoke not a word of German.  But because of this kind gesture, I suddenly found the Berliners endearing.

Up next... PARIS!

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