Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paradise Found!

I was listening to an interview with intrepid traveler and writer Paul Theroux once. He said when asked what his favorite beach is, he would reveal his THIRD favorite one, but never the first. I feel entirely the same. There are places too special that there is a fear that broadcasting it would somehow spoil its special-ness.

My third favorite beach is Kauai.

My first?

This place which will remain unnamed, but trust that if your desire is that intense, this place will find you.

There's an abundance of the things that I love here - Yoga, salsa dancing (well, there are two that I know of - to live music!), unspoiled nature, abundant wildlife, bicycles, AND gourmet food (Eric Werner has a restaurant here).  Most folks don't speak English, just Spanish.  It is remote and recluse.  It is rustic, but in a very beautiful and authentic way.  History and culture are abundant.  There are also quite a few experiences that would be rare to find elsewhere.  Snorkeling/diving in underground caves, anyone?  Care to sleep in a rustic hut by the beach sans electricity?  People you meet are (still) authentic and sincere.  There is an unapologetic reverence for nature.  At Papaya Playa Project, The Dutch asked for a straw for his smoothie.  In Spanish, our server said they don't have straws because it's not good for the turtles that come here to lay their eggs (assuming the straws somehow manage to end up in the beach).  I love this seaside town for all these and for way too many personal reasons to be revealed that I find myself in repeated pilgrimages to this place I deem sacred.

I've been back a few days from this place and it's about this time that we all are familiar with as travelers.  The restlessness.  The reminiscence.  The longing for that special place you were just at not even a hundred hours ago.  And it's slowly, surely edging away... like sand escaping from your clenched grip.

So as always, I stare at pictures whilst trying to curb a feeling of impatience of when I will next return.


And should this place find you, the boutique beachfront hotel, Mezzanine is an utter delight.  We did not have a single complaint.  The place was intimate, spotless, and impeccable.  The views of the Caribbean were astonishing.  Havana Nights on Thursdays is an awesome party.  But most of all, the people who run it are the warmest and most sincere. They took amazing care of us as if we were old friends visiting.

As we were checking out, I declared to Jonatan at the front desk my reluctance to leave: "Estamos tristes."

To which he replied, "Estara de regreso pronto.  No llores."

Too late.

Muchisimas gracias a mi familia en Mezzanine!  Hasta pronto!  

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