Monday, June 17, 2013

Labor of Love: A Garden Update

I have a good problem to have.  I can't keep up with my bountiful garden.  I cut up two lettuce heads and some chard to give to my co-worker tomorrow.  I'm securing my meat supply in the fall.  Her and husband hunt, you see.  She got a cow tag (which I guess is pretty rare) and if she is successful in getting one, hello wild fillet mignon!

It's really rad what how much food you can grow in such a small space.  This is a Greenland Gardener 4'x4' raised bed. Look at how much food I have growing in such a small box!

The tomatoes I started from seed in mid-March are finally flowering!

The broccoli is getting really huge.  I harvested this tonight for dinner before they bolt.  They say broccoli doesn't do well in the heat.  But it's mind-boggling how we've had 90+ degree weather, then now back to the 80's and this thing didn't even flinch.  I have two more of these broccoli and they both look happy so far.

Radish is ready!  I can't wait for the beets next to it to be ready.  Chevre and beets are amazing together!  

The chard are also thriving... and so are the kales.  

Another shocker is these two-star lettuce which supposedly do not like the heat.  Well, you can tell how they seem to agree with the weather.  

I've never had luck growing mint but I've read from the university's coop extension website that chocolate mint is a variety that does well in our hot climate.  Looks like they might be right!  This needs to go in the ground soon!

These are the spinach that I'm letting flower in hopes that they drop their seeds and show up as volunteers in the fall.

My first cucumber blossom!

Green bean in the making!

I picked about five strawberries today.  They were very sweet and perfect for dessert!

And from the garden to the table, tonight's dinner of broccoli sauteed in garlic and anchovies, tossed in pasta!




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