Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I think that if I were to eat something with absurdly high caloric and sugar content, then it better count.  On a recent road trip to the northern California Coast, I racked my brain for a deliciously sinful version of s'mores.  I am not a food snob by any means, but I do like it when food tastes as it should - just plain ol' delicious.  A toasted marshmallow slapped on a graham cracker (that could very well be cardboard - it looks like it, too!) and Hershey's milk chocolate somehow doesn't seem like it would eke out a high return in the delicious department.  So I rummaged through the recesses of my brain and came up with this s'mores-gasmic treat - perfect on or off camp!

1.  Instead of layering chocolate on a graham cracker, I thought, hey, why not a chocolate covered biscuit?  My favorite is Petit Ecolier which worked beautifully.
2.  Get the s'mores marshmallows.  They're thinner, flatter, and easier to maneuver when gooey.  Toast on the fire until you think it's ready.

3.   Slap on the chocolate biscuit and top it with a fresh berry.  A ripe, plump strawberry is perfect.

And there you go!  A s'mores-gasmic treat that is well worth those calories!

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