Friday, March 8, 2013

I Must Have a Thing for Dutch Guys

I’m still reeling from a phenomenally epic night watching Tiesto perform live at the local university stadium.  It is quite surreal and I’ve had dreams all night of still thumping to the beats machinated by this Dutch genius.  I didn’t think I would be, but I was starstruck seeing him, the #1 DJ in the world for years.  Some dispute that David Guetta is #1, but seriously?  In terms of longevity, artistry, and track record, in my partial view, Tiesto rises on top among anyone around today.  And seeing him perform live proves why.
The other astounding thing is that he came to my little town for a one-night only show where the big global names rarely pay a visit.  I paid $50 for a ticket which is not a preposterous amount in a stadium large yet small enough to have a somewhat intimate feel.  From where I was, I could see Tiesto’s facial expressions.  It is cool that I did not have to resort to watching him from a screen.  What I did not come prepared for was what a total extraordinary production it was – laser lights, vivd colors, fog and smoke, fireworks shooting from the stage, confetti dropping from the ceiling – all synchronized with the music set.  I cannot help but think how this guy really knows his sh*t.  I probably would not have noticed otherwise, but in retrospect, I’m glad he didn’t come half-assed, because all that effort made it much more than a show.  It’s suddenly transformed into an experience (so much so that it merits a blog post!).
Electronic dance music is an interesting genre.  Some people don’t have the tenacity for it.  I know I didn’t up until half a decade ago.  It’s music that has so many subtle complex layers.  There’s a whole gamut of undertones left to be revealed – jazz, hip hop, Latin, rock, ballad.  It started appealing to me because in the midst of what is seemingly monotonous and formless, you tune in to it with all you’ve got – ears, mind, soul, and then finally the body - until you find IT.  And when you tap into it, it’s a glorious release that compels you to do nothing but move mindlessly.  Dance music, extremely great dance music, literally blows your mind away.

It’s music that is alive.  It can be tender, romantic, innocent, heartbroken, sad, happy, sappy, intense - but always alive and free.  I think it takes a great skill and tuning in to the collective human energy to know when to bring these elements in.  And geniuses like Tiesto are geniuses because they have that rare quality to know exactly how to do it.  Scientist?  Artist?  Both? 
And then there’s the buildup.  If I really allow myself to think about it, it amazes me how powerful music in this sense.  It’s incomprehensible.  Great DJ’s  weave and build this tension – slow, fast, super-fast, no matter.  Sometimes it’s torture that leaves you breathless and longing for what lies on the other side.  And you know it when you hear it.  You know when it is about to come.  And when you hear it, for a nanosecond, you, along with everyone around, hold your breath waiting for what will be revealed.

Then the beat drops.

And it’s mindless madness.

It’s utter unbridled chaos.

It’s beautiful.

Electric Daisy Carnival 2013, anyone?

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