Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cabin Fever? Never.

When I signed up to snowshoe to the top of a ridge on New Year's Eve, I didn't think it would be very literal that snowshoeing would be what I would get in to a lot this year.  In the figurative sense, I thought it was a metaphor for climbing up to greater heights, better vistas, more indelible experiences, etc. Or here's another one that I came up with - the world can be a cold place, and it will be cold at times, but what's important is you're warm and toasty inside.

Yeah, I know.  I a little bit on the incomprehensible side.

I swear, REI is my favorite local spot nowadays.  I went in tonight to pick up a yoga mat (and I did - I went for a Manduka eKolite - it's biodegradable!) and at the counter, I noticed advertisements for this weekend -

Did you know that 
Saturday is National Winter Trails Day?

Neither did I!

The Dutch is away this weekend so it will be great to still get out there and keep doing the stuff I love regardless.  Tahoe Rim Trail will have a roster of snow activities that run from 10am-3pm at Mount Rose Meadows including gear demos, snowman making (fun!), raffles,food, and I can only suppose, and a slew of activities that celebrate nature and that white stuff.  There are were also a few guided snowshoe hikes throughout the day, but I apologize - I took the last remaining slot.  I was hoping to snag a 3-mile hike, but I had to settle for a 1-mile hike since that was all that was left of the slots.  I will hike the meadows *insert pomp* to "learn about the social and economic value wilderness brings to our communities. Enjoy pre or post hike festivities in the Tahoe Meadows before you embark on your easy, 1 mile journey."

If you're sick of being cooped up in this cold weather, come out and play this Saturday!

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