Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When the Cat is Away...

When the cat is away, the mouse will.. finish home projects!

With all my free time this week, I was occupied with a home project that stalled...

Ta-da!  I finished it!

I take a tremendous amount of photographs when I travel and it always nags at me that I hardly ever do anything with them except post them to this blog, or worse, let them fester in my hard drive until they're forgotten.  After the recent trip to Europe, I figured I better do something with these photographs.

And so I did!

I found it uber excessive to spend on canvas wall mounts, as pretty as they look.  I just could not justify spending hundreds of dollars worth of photo mounts. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a way to make my own canvas mounts!  See step-by-step how-to here.

I had the photos printed at Costco (on matte instead of glossy paper).  The rest of the supplies, I bought at Home Depot.  I have also discovered by accident that the UPS Store locally will print ANY size photo I want, including panoramas, on poster paper for cheap!

I really love how they turned out!  Now, I just need to dress up that foyer table.  I'm thinking a big bunch of red roses, maybe some candlesticks.  And maybe some holiday-inspired decor.  Oh, and scents!  Peppermint and pine!  

Anyone got any suggestions?

P.S.  Forgive the iPhone-tography.  I'll take nicer pictures when I've dressed up that foyer table. :)

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