Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Streets of Maastricht

On our way to Belgium, we stopped at Maastricht on the south of Holland.  The Dutch would always use the phrase "typical Dutch" if he sees something reminding him of his motherland and after spending a few days here, I'm getting a better grasp of what that really means.  Maastricht is an old city and I guess it's debatable whether it's the oldest known settlement in the Netherlands.  It is in the south, wedged in between Belgium and the last skinny southern tip of Holland.  It is inland, so it looks very different from Amsterdam and Haarlem in that there were no canals or the charming old bridges. 

What they have though are beautiful, bigger-looking squares, ancient churches, and a bustling shopping district.  We went on a Monday and people were milling about everywhere.   

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