Saturday, September 22, 2012

Basecamp South Lake Tahoe: Why Stay Elsewhere?

We're in the last throes of summer and although that thought evokes a little melancholia, for those who like year-round playtime in Lake Tahoe, that means, ski season is in sight!  There's much speculation, supposedly backed by the Farmer's Almanac, that this winter will be nothing like the last.  Meaning, it will be epic. 

Norah Jones brought us to South Lake Tahoe this summer.  I personally resist any urges to stay in a casino establishment, especially in a place as beautiful as Lake Tahoe.  There's just something very counter-intuitive in trying to make a home out of a place where smoking is permitted, of bright gaudy lights, and just generally a domicile devoid of any character. Especially in a place where nature is at its most beautiful, it's almost awkward to even be near a casino.

Enter Basecamp in South Lake Tahoe, a relatively new boutique hotel in South Lake Tahoe, literally a few steps away from the Harvey's Outdoor Ampitheater where we saw Norah Jones perform.

I loved everything about this place and you probably can't coax me to stay elsewhere next time we're in South Lake again.  The place was oozing with warmth and intimacy.  The staff address you like you're an old buddy visiting from out of town.  The decor is very thoughtful, modern yet rustic.  I love the fun pops of color everywhere.  The lobby is so very inviting and in the mornings, there's a breakfast spread of toast and cereal.  It was a pleasant surprise that after returning from the concert, we could make smores (my first in my life!) on the fire pit in the patio.

For all your play gear - summer or winter!

The front desk

Espresso bar-slash-bar

Smores-ing and meeting fellow travelers after a great Norah Jones concert

They say the function of a hotel room is merely a place to rest your head at night after you're spent doing the fun stuff outside.  It doesn't matter what the hotel looks, much less, feels like, some claim.  I tend to differ big time.  Places like Basecamp give you an experience.  It has the capacity, and in my opinion, should extend and complement your experience of the place outside the hotel.  Basecamp did just that and if I were a hotelier in Lake Tahoe, actually, anywhere, I'd model my establishment after these guys.

Basecamp Hotel is steps from the gondola at Heavenly and the Harvey's Outdoor Ampitheater.  Coincidentally, there's a pizza place across Stateline also called Basecamp.  Try the Thai curry pizza - it's delish!

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