Friday, August 24, 2012

The Polaroid Project

After I bought my plane ticket to Europe on Tuesday, within half an hour, I had bought this Polaroid OneStep camera that I scored for under $20 (with shipping) on eBay.  It came in the mail today and although the seller said this baby has been tested to work, I have no film yet to test it.  Nevertheless, I am stoked I could still get my hands on a legit Polaroid camera!

I intend to document my trip to Europe this summer with Polaroids and an old-fashioned journal.  I think there is something very romantic about Polaroid prints.  Oftentimes, we take tremendous amounts of digital photos and never do anything with them.  So why not go back to the original intent of photographs - having something tactile that transports you to somewhere ethereal?

Polaroid film is not inexpensive, and that makes its photographs all the more special!  The Impossible Project rescued the endangered Polaroid facility in the Netherlands (imagine that!) and has continued production of film for Polaroids.  At $24 for a measly eight shots, it's a steep price to pay, but that almost makes your pictures so much more precious.  If I have to ration 16 shots, then I have to make each one count!

Any more Polaroid junkies out there who has alternative sources of Polaroid film?

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