Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bliss in Berkeley

The Chez Panisse dinner blew my mind away. It was such a dazzling meal oozing with the warmth of attention and love. I will succumb to cowardice and will not even attempt to write about the experience for fear that my words can never quite do justice to the fantastic food.

I walked back to my hotel in the brisk autumn night with a contented smile on my face. Even the small congregation of dubious looking people did not manage to disconcert me. But even more than the fleeting wave of ecstasy over beautiful food, I took with me something more precious and lasting - the inspiration of recreating and resavoring the same delicious meals right in my own kitchen. On the fly, I've baked apples with crumbles of cinnamon, brown sugar and butter served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream (served after an entree of pasta in homemade pesto sauce). If the noises coming from The Dutch while he ate the homemade dessert is any indication (and the second serving that ensued), then I think it counts as a little triumph.

Alice Waters will be so proud.

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