Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sky is the Limit...

Or is it?

I'm not trying to be testy, but I want to skydive this spring. I don't consider myself a daredevil, but something about a 60-second free fall from 13,000 feet with literally just a blown up plastic bag overhead calls out to me.

Maybe it's my re-ignited interest in the wintersport of skiing that reinspired this irrational urge of jumping off a plane. Two years since my colossal failure at skiing (a blue hill, though!!!!), I have forgiven myself and have come back with a vengeance. I paid for private lessons with my friend from Uni who drove all the way from the Bay. I managed pretty good and survived without falling - not even once! And this time, the snowmobile didn't need to rescue me. Take that, Jason Griswold!

I find it interesting how much I have evolved since I was last in skis. I am not afraid of many things anymore. I have surrendered to the fact that there are just things that we cannot control and life is much more enjoyable without gripping it so tight until it chokes. Accelerating downhill on fresh powder while your feet are strapped on awkward sticks included. I realized that it is completely alright to be awkward and fall every now and then. I know my body more, but moreover, I TRUST my body more. I am a lot stronger than I was two years ago (or ever). Running and dancing are definitely paying off.

I shoveled about four inches from my driveway last night and this morning, I watched snow fall as I hung out in my bed. It's the perfect storm for what I have planned this weekend. Tomorrow, I will be in the slopes again (green, but nonetheless..) to give skiing another run.

And from one bravado to the next, I might just find myself jumping off a plane this Spring!

Namaste from snowy Sparks!

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