Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dharamsala Calling

I missed a golden opportunity to see The Fourteenth Dalai Lama today.

I crawled to bed early last night because my body has been fighting a battle with an impending cold the last four days. Although my body has been winning (and I am impressed, but even more grateful), sometimes, even the most valiant of warriors get weary and need to rest his head to prepare for another day of battle. As I was resting, I had missed a call from my Indian brother to call his dad, my Indian Father. He didn't say what it was about so I figured it probably wasn't a life and death situation. I decided to call him back in the morning.

After I got to work, I dialed my Indian Father's number on my cellphone.

"Hello, Trish. How are you? I thought you said you wanted to meet The Dalai Lama? We're going to see him today."

I had to ask him to repeat what he said because sometimes, his accent is too thick, I have trouble understanding his words.

"The Dalai Lama. We are leaving right now for San Jose. To see The Dalai Lama. Are you at work? Leave your car there. We'll pick you up."

Who would have imagined that I would be having a conversation like this on a Tuesday morning?

Unfortunately, I had to turn it down. The responsible and sensible part of me had to. If I wasn't already at work, things would have turned out differently and I am only left to think that this is not yet the time for The Dalai Lama and I to meet.

There are many, many great men who live today, among our midst, who do selfless, tremendous acts to change the world. I have so much respect and admiration for The Dalai Lama for his compassionate and passionate approach to not even just governing while in exile, but of loving humanity as a whole. Men like him inspire me to challenge the way I'm living my own life, urging myself to extend out of my own self, to live a more selfless existence.

My friend Fiana has been in India for a few weeks now and she has asked me to meet her in Varkala. I declined. I do not feel called nor compelled.

But for Dharamsala, I feel differently. Dharamsala calls me.

Maybe next year?

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