Sunday, October 17, 2010

24 Hours in Sacramento

It's a bitter pill to swallow (oh the pun!), but Sudafed saved my weekend.

I have an aversion to Western medicine and pharmaceutical companies. I think this started after I saw a doctor a few years ago for persistent and seemingly perpetual back pain. The doctor, after asking me a few standard questions, just wrote me a prescription for muscle relaxers. I hated how he "treated" the symptom and not the cause. I became skeptical of Western doctors since. And as another result, I also don't take medication unless I absolutely have to.

I had a busy weekend in Sacramento planned and I had to cave. If the nasties are going to keep me from living my life, then I must do what is necessary. Just this once, I'm going to thank the cold medicine. Just this once!

Hour 1-4
Check in. Lounge at the pool, if there's one.
Hour 5-7
Dinner. Il Fornaio (the "baker", in English) on Capitol Mall has not yet failed me. I know it's a chain and that's kind of a no-no when traveling, but it's reliable, semi-reasonably priced Italian food. If you get a table in either the patio or in the back room, you actually get the impression that you are dining at a locally owned, somewhat upscale establishment. The Italian has taken me here and we know that Italian food is good if even the Italians come there. For something more casual, I would go for Hot Italian for some superb, authentic pizza, gelato and espresso. Wander for a walk to the Capitol ground afterwards to walk off the cheese and carbs.
Hour 8-11
If like me, you're loca for Latin dancing, take great lessons for $10 (includes food) by dance champs at Spotlight, followed by a dance social. I'm not a fan of the location or the ambience, though. I chatted up with a local who told me about a Latin dance club in downtown Sacramento. Azucar is on J somewhere. I checked out the website and I wonder if it's a Latin dance club or a club where Latinos dance. There is a difference.
Hour 12-14
More booty shaking! (California's last call is at 1:30 AM) I find myself at Lounge ON20 a lot when I'm on a night out in Sacramento. The mood and interiors of the club are actually pretty good, the music decent, therefore attracting a well-dressed, non-juvenile crowd. Parking isn't that much of a b*tch. The catch is that the drinks (fruit-infused chick cocktails on martini glasses) are about $8-10 a pop, with tip. Great place to make new friends from all over the world!

Hour 20-ish
I did not get to do this this time, but I think it will be really nice to go on a run around the Capitol or one of the charming tree-lined neighborhoods.

Hour 22-ish
New Canton Dim Sum on 2523 Broadway is an absolute must! Absolutely excellent chow! They open at 10AM and the place (all two floors of it) gets packed FAST. I'm still thinking about how good the food is here... Yum! For brunchers, Cafe Bernardo in midtown Sac is a delightful place with plenty of vegetarian, local, and organic options.

To cap off the great weekend, I'm glad to come home to clouds and rain! I'm off to curl up under the covers with a book!


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