Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursdays are the New Saturdays

I went on my usual 2 mile run around the Marina, as is my ritual on Thursday nights when I'm not hanging out with friends. I never ran to Tiesto before and I think I can get in a space more suitable for running when I'm not trying to run, sing and dance at the same time as is usually the case when I listen to hiphop.

Funny how sometimes you just absolutely have no idea about how some days are going to turn out. I was hoping to just run some angst off today, then have a quiet dinner at home, maybe stop for some Black Bear lava cake before I head home. Instead I ended up making new friends, hanging out in the sun and laughing at silly stuff.

After my run, I noticed a couple of guys playing beach volleyball. I played a little bit in high school and if I see a group playing, I could not resist asking if I can play (I did this in Cabo and Lake Tahoe once). So I played with these guys. After a while, more and more people were joining in. We ended up playing six on six, one woman on each team, sideout, race to 15, server point. Some of the guys are obviously already good friends and their joshing and bickering was hilarious to watch. It was infectious, I forgot all about my anger. :) We played through the beautiful crimson mountain sunset until it got dark and made it impossible to see.

This is interesting because an email at work went out early this week about an indoor, no-spike volleyball league and I emailed them that I'm interested, just don't know enough people to form a team with. If you believe in synchronicities at all, I think this counts as one.

Guess what I'm doing next Thursday night? :)

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