Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Mediocrity

I was at the University today, the last day of registration, to enroll myself in a graduate class in Counseling Psychology. I cannot say that I did not feel a sense of relief when I was told I lack one immunization shot of MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella, I believe) to be allowed to take a graduate class. I now need to defer my enrollment until spring, until I can get the required shot. But by then, I probably would be well on my way to a GRE if I have not taken it yet, and would be ready for full admission in Fall 2011 anyway.

I admit it. Part of me feels like kicking myself because I started the process late and showed up on the last day of registration. I guess that demonstrates my lack of enthusiasm in spending $1,000 that I have but could think of spending on something else more instantly gratifying like a round trip ticket to Arhus. I have so many questions in my head about moving forward and I don’t fully comprehend why. Is it the money thing? Or am I just scared? Did the Universe decide this for me or did I manifest it?

Life lately has been so full and rich, and when I say that, I don’t necessarily mean extremely joyful and pleasant. I haven’t travelled in a while or done any crazy partying lately, and I’m glad that I am still able to utter “la dolce vita” despite that. I have noticed that even in moments of recent vulnerability that I really have grown and transformed. I process things a lot differently now than how I used to. I’m a lot more objective, a lot less dramatic. There’s a lot more serenity in my life than ever before, and a newfound passionate dispassion. Something in me has shifted (again) because what has been unbearably mediocre for so many months have gotten quite purposeful lately (again). Running has become a good friend. I'm on the third week of salsa class and I’m back on a semi-regular Yoga asana practice. I just turned in my renewal application as a reading tutor for 1st graders at a local elementary schools and I'm excited. Summer is drawing to a sweet close, but even that is something I embrace because I know well that I lived summer like it was my last.

Have I mentioned that life is kicking ass right now?

Have a gorgeous weekend! I know I will! Namaste, beautiful people!

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