Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All Words Are Lies

"All words are lies. At best, they point toward the truth."

These are the first few words of what will become one of my most favorite books for sheer resonance. "Shadows on the Path" is written by a Abdi Assadi, a contemporary seeker and healer living and practicing in New York. I like him because I sense the realness and conviction that comes from a place of relentless attention to doing one's homework. I came upon the book by accident and months later, learned that he intentionally did not hire a publicist after publishing the book. He believed that whoever needs to read it will find it. Hmmm...

What I feel tonight I cannot quite articulate and I will not try. Granted that hormones probably play a role in this current undefined state, I will not capitalize on that since I think it's a cop out. Yeah, there are no labels for how I feel. I cannot even begin to describe it and if I attempt to, I will lie. I remember watching one of my first orchestra concerts and was amazed how the music takes you to places within you that you both recognize and don't. I'm in one of those undefinable places right now.

The Colonel and I exchanged emails today (as honest as our words can take us). The conversations pretty much revolved on:

1. Deadheading, which in gardening refers to pruning or cutting off dead flowers to encourage new blooms. I think the metaphor is so profound. As a sidenote, I have never heard of this term before since I never really had any business in the yard before, and when I looked it up, Wikipedia says that the undying, loyal fans of The Grateful Dead are also called Deadheads. Funny.

2. Catharsis (Ancient Greek: κάθαρσις) is a Greek word meaning "cleansing" or "purging". It is derived from the verb καθαίρειν, kathairein, "to purify, purge," and it is related to the adjective καθαρός, katharos, "pure or clean." (source: Wikipedia, who else?)

Well. Enough about that crud.

I went for a run tonight and I'm trying not to get too excited, but I think I might be getting the hang of it. I'm still very conditional about the running (i.e. if only it wasn't 90 degrees out, if only I had the view of the vast ocean, if only I had better earphones, if only they made better wicking clothes for women, if only I could run naked, yadda yadda yadda...).

Some pictures of what I saw today:


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